"Paula Barbag was an amazing President of the Association of  Development Officers (ADO) for the past two years.  Her passion for fundraising and philanthropy is apparent as she poured her heart and soul into the agency.  A forward-thinking, seasoned fundraising professional, she was never short on ideas or energy to help ADO further its mission.  Highly-educated, she is savvy of industry best practices.  She is one of the most hard-working and resourceful individuals I know.  She possesses the fundraising knowledge, experience, and skills nonprofits need to raise the vital funds crucial to their organization's health." 

Lydia S. Howie, MS, GPC  Administrator, Association of Development Officer

Organizational Development

We know fundraising takes an army. Our team will help you enlist talented volunteers able to give their time and financial resources in support of your fundraising efforts. We use our simple three-step approach to strengthen your board of voluntary leadership: board assessment, recruitment action plan and ongoing community outreach to increase your bandwidth and drive the results you are looking to achieve.

Board Recruitment and Development

A strategically selected board of directors is essential in today’s competitive nonprofit arena. In addition to fiduciary responsibilities, the board oversees policy, planning, fundraising and program evaluation, among others. A board of directors comprised of varied talents and diverse backgrounds is an absolute must to maintain an active, engaged and effective group. Board members who are connected to your community, represent your constituency and are passionate about your organization will serve your agency best.

Together we assess the desired attributes and competencies of your ideal board to create a diverse group of multi-talented volunteers who have a variety of backgrounds, a strong desire to serve and a keen interest in your organization.

Paula Barbag Was a Tremendous Contributor
“I have had the pleasure of working with Paula in several capacities at Search for Change. When Paula was on our Board of Directors, she was a tremendous contributor in helping us have the most successful fundraiser we had since the start of the organization. She led the team that laid out the details and requirements, solicited the needed support, and provided guidance in every way necessary. Currently Paula has offered her services on a Pro Bono basis to Search for Change. She is working with our organization to help us continue to build our fundraising efforts. Her knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and great organizational abilities are providing Search for Change with priceless expertise in this area. Anyone would be lucky to have Paula on his or her team.
-Peter Athan
Chairman of the Board, Search for Change” March 2012