Organizational Development

Consulting for a Cause recognizes the importance of enlisting a cadre of talented volunteers with the capacity to give their time and financial resources to support the fundraising efforts of your organization. We know fundraising takes an army. It is not a one-person job. We use our simple three-step approach to strengthen your board voluntary leadership: board Assessment, Recruitment Action Plan and ongoing Board and Community Development to increase your bandwidth and drive the results you are looking to achieve.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Nonprofit strategic planning is centered on an agency’s mission and provides specific guidance on how that mission will be achieved. An inclusive, effective strategic planning process will:

  • Foster a deep understanding of the agency’s mission
  • Provide a clear roadmap toward the future with the necessary flexibility to adapt toward changing circumstances
  • Include insight from all areas within the organization
  • Incorporate findings from both internal and external environmental analyses
  • Determine areas of competitive advantage and critical issues; dismiss distractions
  • Serve as effective and efficient board and staff development tool
  • Provide stakeholders with the reassurance that a sound operational plan is in place
  • Build both a case and momentum for fundraising

Our team will work with your nonprofit to assess its capabilities, identify future goals and determine programs or services it should provide to achieve new objectives.

We thoroughly analyze the external environment as it affects your organization, assess internal strengths and weaknesses, and then facilitate interactive training sessions to devise a results-oriented action plan. The completed strategic plan includes measurable actions with a system to monitor goals and progress by the board of directors, and serves as a road map for accomplishment, modified as needed along the way.