“CHOICE of New Rochelle is a 20-year old agency that has historically never focused on public awareness or a public or foundation-based fund-raising strategy. Due to radical changes occurring in the mental health field, establishing new revenue streams has become critical to the agency, but we were starting from scratch and had no idea about how to proceed. Consulting for a Cause has become our lifeline to new strategies and approaches. CFC has been creative, focused, dedicated and compassionate to our future needs. They have a well thought out and effective approach that is customized for our organization and its unique requirements. Specifically because of Consulting for a Cause, we are able to help more people, continue to grow our organization by expanding beyond an environment of shrinking revenues and be more impactful on the community that we serve.” - Guy Fessenden, Executive Director, CHOICE

The Virtual Development Office

CFC’s Virtual Development Office is a cost-effective solution for the ongoing challenges of staffing, managing and operating an in-house development department. The cost of running a sophisticated in-house development office, led by experienced staff, can put tremendous pressure on a nonprofit’s operating budget. Our team helps maximize development efforts and in-house resources by offering a virtual alternative to the traditional development office. We customize a strategic plan for each organization, designed to complement or support current in-house capabilities.

We can function as an organization’s development department or provide short-term or ongoing assistance with existing programs and activities. Our flexible, customizable services allow nonprofits to focus in-house resources on core competencies, eliminate expensive staff turnover and increase the effectiveness of development efforts. Working with executive management, we assess an organization’s capabilities and customize a plan, and then our hands-on team hits the ground running to guide your organization to the next level of success.