Bob Cooper’s Self-Discovery Process is an unusual combination of inspiration and practical outcomes. In a brief 15-minute exercise he had me discovering insights about my current state with a clear glimpse of the potential for a more productive, happier lifestyle. - Robert Miss, MAC, CPFR Strategic Management Exchange

90 Day Fundraising Engagement

Consulting For A Cause uses a simple three phase approach: an assessment, action plan and hands on execution with ongoing support to provide the framework for success.


  • Initial Meeting: Meet with board of directors to review scope of work and define measures for success.
  • Internal Assessment: Determine internal capacity to implement a fundraising campaign. Conduct interviews with key stakeholders (board of directors and potential supporters) to measure interest, stakeholder support and motivation.
  • Progress Meeting: Assess initial deliverables and desired outcomes.
  • Environmental Scan: Identify key target groups, markets and media. Uncover opportunities and identify threats. Research funding opportunities and compare and contrast four benchmark organizations.
  • Presentation and Written Summary: Engagement results highlighting what can be accomplished and achieved with essential resources, appropriate commitment and specific systems implementation.

Based on the findings of this customized assessment we will work together to identify realistic fundraising goals that can be effectively achieved by your organization.



  • Determine Budget: For a fundraising and communications plan.
  • Identify Programmatic Activities: To advance the mission of the organization.
  • Recommendations for Internal Infrastructure 
  • Create a Compelling Fundable ‘Case For Support’: An essential marketing document to launch your fundraising campaign. This document will define your agency, core services and clients and the impact these services have on target constituents.
  • Develop Fundraising Strategies and Action Plan with Key Stake Holders: Guidance and support in assigning roles, responsibilities and time frame for tactics.
  • Create Calendar of Key Organizational Activities 


PHASE 3 – EXECUTION (4 week timeline)

  • Board Development and Community Engagement Strategies 
  • Prospect Research: Identify potential supporters, alliances, funders and partners
  • Execute One Fundraising and/or Cultivation Strategy: For example, an intimate gathering of key stakeholders, potential funders, connectors and ambassadors.
  • Final Debriefing Meeting: To discuss deliverables, outcomes and next steps.